Money Monday: The Best Time of Day to Shop for Groceries

student-save-on-foodYou just came back from Thanksgiving break and your fridge is empty. When is the best time to shop? According to the folks from The Kitchn, here is The Best Time of Day to Shop for Groceries:

1. Shop whenever you’re not tired.

If you can swing it, morning is one of the best times to hit the grocery store. Aisles are empty, the day is young, your energy levels are high—all good things for getting in there, checking items off your list, and getting out. Any time in the morning—early, mid, late—works well.

If you’re a night owl, late night shopping can have the same perks! Just be aware that even if you feel awake, your body and brain might be tiring, and when that happens, they tend to crave fatty, sugary foods. Beware the junk food bay islands.

2. Shop whenever you aren’t hungry.

Grocery shopping when you’re hungry is like walking through the mall in the middle of winter while wearing a tee shirt: you’ll walk away with an armful of brand new sweaters, simply because you were cold and your brain said I totally need that. When you’re hungry and trying to shop smart, you’ll often end up buying carb-heavy or sugar-laden foods that weren’t on your list. Your brain runs on carbs, and survival instincts mean you’ll often go for those foods first, sending you home with extra bags of breads, cookies, and crackers.

3. Don’t shop right after work.

If you work a 9-to-5 and you head to the store on your way home, you’re likely to be both tired and hungry, with the same consequences mentioned above. Additionally, everyone else in town just clocked out too, so grocery stores are likely to be packed and you’re likely to forget items that you need or buy items that you don’t need simply because you’re hurried and frenzied.