"Death and Taxes"

Today is tax day. Some of you did them weeks ago and are smugly sitting in an outdoor cafe, well-rested and planning how to spend your refund, which you’ve already received. Some of you are also sitting at that cafe, looking a little bleary-eyed because you were up all night crunching numbers and only just hit “Send” on 2013.

And still others of you have not yest experienced the joy of forking over cold, hard cash to Uncle Sam. With you, we’d like share some of HuffPo’s 68 Stages of Doing Your Taxes.

The 68 Stages Of Doing Your Taxes

filing taxesI’m going to file my taxes in January this year.
Aack! I missed Tax Day.
Wait, when is Tax Day?
Are any of my friends accountants?
I have to know AT LEAST one accountant.
I bet my parents know how to do this.
I should call my parents.
Can I do my taxes through Facebook?
So what happens if I just tell the IRS I forgot?
I guess a refund does sound good.
I can just use TurboTax.
I’ve literally been paying taxes all year. What is this bs?
I can’t use TurboTax.
H&R Block, is that a sunscreen?
I actually have no idea how much money I made last year.
Maybe I didn’t make enough money to pay taxes.
If you look at it THAT way, I’m richer than I thought.
Well isn’t that a personal question, tax software.
Now I understand why rich people lie about this stuff.
LOL, receipts. 

For the rest of the 68 steps, please click on the link above.