Fall Job Hunt for UC Davis Students

We know, we know. Your UC Davis student schedule is already crazy, between classes, labs, and, er, socializing. But somehow the sushi bills need to get paid, and we doubt that Mom & Dad line-itemed that when they put together a budget for you. The only solution is to sell a kidney (we’re kidding!) or get a part-time job. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that are local and will work well within your wacky class schedule. Snagajob.com listed their seven favorite jobs for college students. A few of their favorites include:

Waiter or waitress

Why is waiting tables one of the best student jobs? Tips, baby, tips! There’s nothing like that feeling of walking home with a wad of $20 bills in your pocket. Server jobs for students are also a great way to learn the fundamentals of customer service and sales. You can also pick a job that matches your schedule. Just remember, you’ll earn a lot more working Friday night at an upscale restaurant than you will taking the breakfast shift at a quiet café.

What’s the catch? Waiting tables is a physically and mentally demanding student job. You have to stay upbeat and keep smiling, even when your feet hurt and customers complain that there isn’t enough shrimp in their scampi.


Working as a non-medical caregiver for someone who is elderly or disabled is becoming a popular job for students at many universities. Contrary to what many people think, these jobs don’t involve personal care (like bathing, etc.); instead, you’re helping clients stay in their homes by offering your companionship and help with light housekeeping and errands. Companies like Home Instead Senior Care will connect students with clients whose needs match their schedules. If you prefer working with kids, sign up with a babysitting service like Sittercity.com.

What’s the catch? Unlike some student jobs, when you work as a caregiver it’s essential that you not miss a shift. If you can’t make it to work, you must find someone to cover you – otherwise your client will be left alone.

Athletic team assistant

If you like sports but aren’t quite varsity material, you might enjoy a student job with one of your college’s athletic teams. Many teams, from gymnastics to football, need managers and assistants to help out at practice, supervise the bench area and collect uniforms and equipment. You get to travel with the team – and help them celebrate the championship.

What’s the catch? This is a demanding student job that may require your time in the early morning, at night or over weekends.


You don’t have to be a genius to be a tutor. You just have to have a knack for one subject, whether that’s Spanish or biochemistry. Tutoring is one of the best-paid student jobs. Tutors are always in demand on college campuses and get the ability to set their own hours. You can sign up with your university’s student help center or use a referral service. If you’d rather work with little kids, get a job as a daycare teacher or teacher assistant.

What’s the catch? Tutors must be patient and supportive but also tough. Your clients may beg you to write their term paper for them – don’t do it!

Ticket taker or usher

Working in admissions or events for your university can be a glamorous job for students. The duties are easy: taking tickets, crowd control, security. The perks are huge! Hear famous speakers. Get your friends into sold-out concerts. Catch every big game. You might even get to meet some celebrities.

What’s the catch? You don’t get to pick which events you work – so you may end up taking tickets at the Yanni concert instead of the Black Eyed Peas.

HuffPo had some more student employment ideas.

College jobs can be a lot of fun. They give you a chance to meet more people, polish skills before you take on the “real” job market, and give you extra spending money. So get out there and start pounding the pavement!