The Financial Moves You Should Make in September

Happy Money Monday! Despite what the calendar say, for many people (and Davis leases) the new year starts September 1st. has five financial moves you should make in September. Here are two:

Confirm Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans

When it comes to booking travel arrangements, there’s pretty much no such thing as too-early a start. In fact, if you’re scheduling a flight, the second Tuesday in September is a great time to score a deal. But cooking the turkey? That can wait another two months.

Review Your Credit Report

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to pull a gratis copy of your credit report! To learn how attractive you may look to lenders and check for any potential errors, access your report at—but remember that each of the three major bureaus gives you just one free copy a year through this service. So if you used TransUnion back in May, you should make sure you pull from either Equifax or Experian this time around. Or take advantage of Credit Karma’s recently unveiled program that lets you pull your free credit report weekly.

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