All the financial wisdom you'll need on one index card.

Happy Money Monday tandem fans. Over at The Reality-Based Community,  Wonkblog contributor (and UC Chicago social scientist) Harold Pollack, consolidated all the financial wisdom he’s learned onto one index card. Written in 2013, the card (and its content) have gone viral.

Harold Pollack's index card.


If you’re having trouble reading it, here’s the text:

  • Max your 401k or equivalent employee contribution.
  • Buy inexpensive, well diversified mutual funds such as Vanguard Target 20XX funds.
  • Never buy or sell an individual security. The person on the other side of the table knows more than you do about this stuff.
  • Save 20% of your money.
  • Pay your credit card balance in full every month.
  • Maximize tax-advantages savings vehicles like Roth, SEP and 529 accounts.
  • Pay attention to fees. Avoid actively managed funds.
  • Make financial advisor commit to a fiduciary standard.
  • Promote social insurance programs to help people when things go wrong.

Check out a Washington Post recap of how the card came to be here.