Get Rid of Clutter in Your Tandem Apartment

Whether you’re moving into or out of a Tandem apartment in Davis, you’re probably in a place in your life where less is more. Less clutter means less time spent packing and schlepping your worldly goods and more time enjoying life.

But sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to keep and what to toss. Will you ever look back and wish you’d kept your fill-in-the-blank? Here are some simple steps to follow to help you decide, to paraphrase the song, “Should it stay or should it go?”

Rethink Your Stuff: What to Splurge On, What to TossJust in time for spring cleaning, here’s a treatise on owning stuff—including how to identify which objects are worthy of your time and space, and a reminder to toss the rest so you can improve the quality of your life.

Having needless stuff around can be a big productivity- and mood-buster. On the other hand, the “less is more” approach need not mean living a completely austere lifestyle.

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