How to Budget For Your First Apartment

BudgetWinter break is here and now is your chance to talk about your upcoming search for an off-campus apartment. One of the first questions Mom and Dad will probably ask you about finding an apartment near UC Davis is, “How much will it cost?” Unlike the dorms, where your living costs are typically prepackaged, in your first apartment you’ll be expected to cover your own expenses — meals, utilities, parking etc.–in addition to your rent.

The good news is, in the long run, itemizing your own expenses typically saves you money. But, it’s also important to know how to estimate what you’ll be expected to pay so you don’t get in over your head.

With nine different floor plans ranging from cozy cottages to spacious town homes, and both newly updated and standard options available, Arlington Farm is uniquely set up to match any budget or lifestyle. Use their Budget and Finance Guide below to help outline your costs and prompt you to ask management about what is included in rent. If you have any questions about costs after completing your worksheets, call an expert at Arlington for great insights about matching your needs. They’re familiar with all 14 Tandem Properties and are happy to help!

Click Here for a printable version of the Budget and Finance Worksheet.

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