Keep Cables Sorted in Your UC Davis Apartment

032111_cables.jpgEven in this “wireless” age, if your Davis apartment is typical, you have a big pile o’ cables shoved under your desk, behind your TV, etc. Heaven help you if you need to single one of them out. Or if you have a playful cat, puppy, rat, ferret, beaver, woodchuck, etc. (not that we’re condoning the keeping of illegal pets).

Here are a few of our favorite fresh organizing (or mess hiding) ideas.

This is more of a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ solution rather than actually getting organized, but hey, if that works for you the CableBox Mini comes complete with a built-in four-socket surge protector, and is available in five funky colors for $29.95.

This is a godsend for MacBook owners — the PowerCurl holds your charger brick while you can wrap the cord around it. This Apple-enhancing solution comes in various cool colors and costs $14.99.

The colorful “Cordies” offer a desktop solution for keeping wires you use often close at hand for $12.99 a pop.

Hopefully, the next time you need to pull a particular cable, with these fun and affordable¬†10 tips from Mashable, it’ll be a cinch!