Money Monday: Free Social Banking App Revolutionizes How You Manage Your Money

Free, easy, and extremely useful. This pretty much sums up Waspit, a new social banking app that helps UC Davis students manage their funds.

Waspit – Social Banking for StudentsWaspit wants you to take control of your money and let you have all of the say in how it is spent. It’s aimed at giving the students total control over their expenses and inform them on the best ways to spend their money. It also offers mobile payments and a number of features that give the user the power. For example, you can now pay back one of your friends for that time last weekend when he bought you some Taco Bell instantly over your phone. It’s designed to give you the latest capabilities in the most simplistic ways.

Waspit is also going to be a mobile application for both iOS and Android phone platforms, as well as a Facebook application for when you want to connect your account to your social networks. This will allow you to know what your account is and where your money is at all times. It’s that simple! It doesn’t matter what phone carrier you have, just as long as you have a phone.

With this brand new social banking technology, every college student that has a Waspit account will be able to know where their money is going and how much they currently have. By earning Buzz points by using Waspit, you also qualify yourself for a nice gift card to a venue of your choice. (That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? A FREE gift card!)

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