Money Monday: Hacks That Make Moving Cheap

Today is the big moving day, the last day for most Davis Model Leases. For those of you moving out of Davis, CA, good luck. For those of you moving into your new Davis apartment with Tandem Properties, we have lots of posts about Moving In and Moving Out that you should check out.  Here are a few money-saving moving tips from around the web:

The Huffington Post offers 5 Hacks That Make Moving Cheap

1. Don’t hire movers.

You may be tempted to hire movers during a pre-move burst of panic. But in most cases, you shouldn’t do it. Firstly, packing your own stuff is Martha Stewart’s number-one moving rule, so you’ll know where everything is. Secondly, you could save hundreds of dollars by renting your own truck. And thirdly, some moving companies are just plain scams. Nobody wants that added stress.

2. …but if you must, make them local.120070636
If you decide you need an extra set of hands after all, then try a grassroots service like TaskRabbit. You’ll list your move time, date and the type of vehicle you’ll need before shopping local “Taskers” who are willing to help you out, each with their own asking price.

3. Sell the stuff you won’t use.
Every old T-shirt, spare sheet set and never-been-used kitchen mixer is another dollar you’ll have to pay during your move. Save yourself the trouble and do a massive clean-out before you go. If you sell your items the right way, you could MAKE money on the move!

Among’s Killer Tips That Make Packing and Moving Easier are these money savers:

2. Find moving boxes for free

In terms of size and choice it’s best to contact furniture stores. Ring them up at least a week in advance and ask if they give you away the boxes. I also had luck getting middle-sized boxes from the pet store I typically shop at and a nearby corner store. The keepers were pretty happy to get rid of them. Also, here are 8 more places where you can find free boxes. Why you should pay for something you can get for free?

2a. Upgrade your boxes with DIY handles

Killer Tips That Make Packing and Moving Easier It takes a few seconds and a cutting tool to make small triangle holes at both sides, yet the boxes are now much easier to carry, especially if they contain heavy items like books or dishes.

6. Quick pack clothes with a trash bag

Killer Tips That Make Packing and Moving EasierJust put everything as it hangs including pegs inside a trash bag, It will take seconds to place everything back inside a new wardrobe in the same order. However, keep in mind that some moving companies will not take items placed in trash bags or request additional payments for that. (yep, sadly).

7. Prepare a first night box and carry it separately with you.

Or a first night suitcase if you are moving internationally. In any case, even if you think you’ll start unpacking just as you arrive. Probably you won’t. What to keep in the box? I stick to toiletries, a change of clothes, some basic medicine including bandage, bedding, a utility night, some cups and plates, coffee, tea, snacks and a kettle.

8. Calculate the costs of moving: DIY vs Professional movers

While it seems like hiring a van and asking a few friends to help out, there are a few extra costing factors to consider like: insurance (who’ll pay if Jone breaks your grandma’s piano?), post-moving massage sessions and overall time spent. Also, if you are relocating for work, yourcompany can get deductive from the moving, thus they shouldn’t mind paying the moving bills.

If you opt to hire a moving company, target local movers. For instance, E-Z Moving SLC offer way better rates around Salt Lake City and Utah, compared to the North American national moving company.

Also, I typically ask for friends recommendation and read reviews at Moving Scam to avoid getting into unpleasant situations afterwards.

Finally,TwoCents offers Moving on a Tight Budget: 7 Ways to Save a Ton of Money

Moving on a Tight Budget: 7 Ways to Save a Ton of MoneyOptimize Your Utility Shut-Down Dates

Some utility companies won’t prorate your bill as of your departure date, so if your billing cycle doesn’t line up with your moving date, consider cutting off your service early so you’re not paying for an extra month. Yes, you can survive without cable for a week or two. No, you probably don’t want to try this with electricity.

If you’re moving to a new city, research whether it offers a free service like Dallas-based Utility Concierge, which has relationships with local utility companies and helps you get the best deals on your new utilities.

Let USPS Move Your Books

Boxes containing books are among the heaviest ones to move. Once you’ve gone through your personal library and identified books to donate or sell, box up the keepers and send them via Media Mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

While they might take a little longer to arrive at their destination, you can’t beat the price: a 20-pound box of books only costs $11.55 to ship. Your savings on moving your books may take some of the sting off other expenses.

Track Twice, Deduct Once

Keep track of every moving expense. If your move meets certain criteria, such as a distance test, you may be able to deduct your expenses.

But be sure to check the exact IRS rules, which can be confusing and include diagrams. If you work with an accountant, they should be able to help you figure out whether you’re in a position to save here.