Money Monday: Lots of Ways to Get Free Credit Scores

Happy Money Monday! Like a lot of students everywhere, UC Davis students are frequently deluged with credit card offers. Some of those UC Davis students aren’t that concerned with their credit scores until they need to apply for a job. In some cases a bad credit score can cost you a lot more than interest payments.  Forewarned is forearmed, the Two Cents blog has a great article showing you The Many Ways You Can Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Score. Here are a few excerpts.

The Many Ways You Can Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Score

You’re legally entitled to a free copy of your report each year. The FTC recommends using, which works well for detailing your credit history, but it doesn’t provide a credit score. In this post, we’ll specifically look at how you can get free access to different types of credit scores.

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It’s important to know exactly which score you’re working with, and how its ranges vary. A 700 FICO score will be different from a 700 VantageScore, for example. Here are some of the most popular scores, along with their ranges, according to Credit Karma:

  • FICO: traditionally between 300 and 850
  • Experian: 330 – 830
  • Equifax: 300 – 850
  • TransUnion: 300 – 850
  • VantageScore: 501 – 990 (often assigned a letter grade, A – F)

[Sections clipped, basically check with your bank and current credit card providers to see what credit reporting and monitoring services they offer.]

Online Services

Credit Sesame: We’ve mentioned Credit Sesame’s tools before, but they’re best known for their free monthly credit score and monitoring. No credit card is required, and they use your Experian score.

Quizzle: Here’s another one we’ve covered. To recap, Quizzle gives you a free copy of your VantageScore credit score and Equifax credit report. Of course, no credit card is required.

Mint: If you’re a Mint user, you can now opt to get a free copy of your score, provided by Equifax. You also get a free summary of your report.

Credit Karma: We’ve named Credit Karma as one of our favorites, because they offer so many cool features that help protect you against identity theft. For example:

They offer free weekly credit monitoring with TransUnion.

If you use their app, you get push notifications any time something changes in your credit report.

They also offer a VantageScore, auto insurance score and home insurance score.

 Read the whole article here: The Many Ways You Can Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Score