Money Monday: The Ultimate Guide to How to Sell Your Textbooks Online

How to Sell Textbooks   The Ultimate Guide for Selling College Books

If you’re a UC Davis student, you may look around your Davis apartment and realize that you have a ton of textbooks you’re never going to open again.

So let’s sell your textbooks for the biggest bucks you can get!

If you’re new to the whole textbook selling business, online book seller has created a handy guide.

According to Valore, “this guide is a comprehensive 7-chapter resource, providing highly accessible and detailed information on ways for students to sell their textbooks. The guide is written by experts at ValoreBooks, an online textbook provider. It covers how to sell through multiple online and offline methods. It compares pros and cons for each, allowing students to make the best decision based on their situation. The goal of this resource is to give students a tool to save money despite constantly rising college expenses.”

Obviously ValoreBooks wants you to use their service but the guide gives you a useful overview of all the options and is a good starting point for your own research.