Money Monday: Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

If you want to save money on clothes (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got a video and an article for you!  For the ladies, the Frugalicious Show’s video will show you how to Shop In Your Closet.

Meanwhile the good folks over at Lifehacker have Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes. Here are some of our favorites.

8. Buy Clothes When They’re the Lowest Price They’re Likely to Be

Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Buying clothes during sales events is a popular tactic, but not all sales are equal. The same shirt or pair of pants you’re eyeing could be significantly less a week or so from now. How do you know if it’s the absolute lowest price it’ll go? The secret price codes.

7. Don’t Wash Clothes as Often

Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

This sounds bad. And smelly. But washing your clothes less often will help them last longer (and save you time and utility costs), which means you won’t have to replace them as oftem. Sturdier clothes, like jeans and sweaters, can be reworn a few times or simply aired out before needing to be washed. Wool in particular seems to be stink-proof, besides insulating.

6. Take Care of Your Clothes Better

Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

It’s sad when you take your favorite sweater or shirt out of storage only to find it has been attacked by moths and now looks like Swiss cheese. Protect the clothes you love and have bought with vacuum storage bags or canvas storage containers and mothballs or cedar blocks. Also, know how to protect your sweaters, properly clean your “hand wash only clothes,” andwash your “dry clean” clothes at home. Preserve your favorite clothes nearly forever by knowing how to wash and fold them properly.

5. Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Top 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Perhaps no piece of clothing gets more care and attention than jeans. We convert bootcut jeans into skinny jeans, revive faded old jeans with $5 dye, wash jeans with vinegar to increase their lifespan, and even freeze them and otherwise treat them like precious objects.