More Apartment Hunting Advice – This Time from the Professionals

Yesterday, we got advice from students about things to keep in mind when your looking for a Davis apartment. Today, we are offering advice from some of the Tandem Properties staff.
–It’s worthwhile to ask classmates and peers about their experiences with apartment hunting. Most upperclassmen have been through the housing search, so they can share a lot of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask!
–1) Start early as the good stuff goes fast. Between your school schedule and your social life it’s better to hit the ground running and get it off your list of to-do’s. 2) Really think about your non-negotiables. Do you prefer having your own room? Your own bathroom? Is your budget realistically going to allow you to have all these things? 3) Live at a Tandem Property because you will have the best rates, staff that really care and with so many options you will find a property that meets all your needs! Good luck finding your new home!
–Start early and to definitely look at the Colleges At LaRue because Trish Whitcomb is the most amazing person ever 🙂
–Ask many questions like does management use the Davis Model Lease, is this location convenient to shopping and campus, etc. I would also suggest exploring different parts of Davis to get a feel of which areas suit you the best!
–Really think about who you are going to live with, setting expectations before you move in and not being afraid to not live with your best friend. As long as you get along with the person and keep channels of communication open, everything is a lot easier to deal with if any drama comes up. Piggybacking off that, network with friends of friends, or if you’re a transfer, ask friends who are there now what they recommend.