Retrieving Pet Deposit from Davis Apartment

Pets can be great Davis apartment roommates, but they are sometimes not the tidiest of creatures. If you and your pet are ready to move out, and you’re wondering what the chances are of getting back your pet deposit, here are some tips to consider.

For some renters who are moving out of their own apartment, the question of getting an entire pet deposit may apply. Some landlords ask for these extra deposits in addition to per-month fees for keeping animals on the premises. Here are some ways to ensure that you will get your entire pet deposit back at the end of a lease.

Go through the Lease

Take a look at the specific language in the lease regarding the pet deposit and the obligations of the tenant in order to secure that deposit at the end of lease time.
Clean up after Your Pet

Make sure that any litter, food residue, etc. is off of floors and other areas of the apartment or housing unit.

Address any Damages

Another critical item for restoring your apartment to its original condition is to check for any damage related to your pet’s claws or teeth. Any pet related damage can alter the outcome as far as a pet deposit or security deposit.

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