Tandem Apartment Home Office Tax Deductions

If you work at home in your Tandem apartment in Davis, either as a self-employed person or for someone else, you may be interested in whether you can claim the home office deduction on your annual income taxes.

The answer is very often yes.

landlord helpThe home office deduction is a confusing topic for many taxpayers. Can I only take it if I am self-employed? What if you’re not self-employed, but work at home frequently?

And isn’t it true that the IRS is more likely to audit you if you take the deduction?

Because of these types of concerns and questions, many taxpayers that are entitled to this deduction do not take it.

The home office deduction may be taken by anybody who uses their home, or part of their home, for business purposes. The IRS does have strict regulations that must be met to qualify for the deduction.

For more information on a Tandem apartment in Davis home office tax deduction, please visit this link from american-apartment-owners-association.org.