Tech Tuesday: Another app to help roommate split costs

This Nifty Tool Helps Roommates Find The Fairest Way to Split the RentWe’ve mention a lot of apps in the past to help Davis roommates split things but Spliddit is different. Not only can you split things like rent and living expenses but messier things like splitting a couple’s worldly possessions when they break up or splitting credit on an achievement like a UC  Davis paper.

According to Gizmodo’s article This Nifty Tool Helps Roommates Find The Fairest Way to Split the Rent:

Don’t live with roommates? There’s also tools for dividing up goods (like in a divorce settlement) and a way to divide credit (like in research papers). I’d like to see one for dividing up a dinner bill just to see what Spliddit’s quest for fairness dictates, even when someone orders three more margaritas than anyone else then demands to split the tab evenly.

Apparently using math to divide rent is kind of a thing. The New York Times came up with its own formula for how to divide rent back in April, using a mathematical theorem called Sperner’s Lemma which is similar to Spliddit’s approach but based on triangles and looks super complicated. But you don’t need to know the theorem because a rent division calculator reproduces the math for you.

Check out Spliddit