Be True to YOU! Find Your Fit

Be True To youIt’s three days into winter quarter. You’re enjoying a latte and just getting back into your study groove when suddenly everyone starts to talk about housing for fall. You’ve heard that popular housing choices can go quickly and there is pressure to jump on board and sign NOW with your friends before you miss out.

But wait just a minute! Your apartment and who you share it with will be one of the biggest influences on your life next year. While the Davis apartment market does prompt renters to shop early (mid January is a good start) don’t miss out on the chance to be true to YOU. Shop early, but don’t settle.

Tour at least three apartment complexes in Davis and ask yourself these hard questions before signing on the dotted line:

  • Can I picture myself living here for a year?
  • What is the management like? Can I talk to them when I have a problem?
  • What is environment like? Is it too social or too quiet to meet my needs?
  • Have I done the math and is this in my budget?
  • Am I getting the things on my “needs” list?
  • Are my potential roommates a good fit?
  • Do I love it, or am I signing just to be done?

If your answers are YES, you’re good to go. But if not, remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick breather until you’re certain. At the end of the day, signing where you’ll be unhappy isn’t good for anyone involved. Take a moment this January to be true to you. And, if you’re not sure, message a Tandem expert for help. With 14 properties to pick from and leasing agents that don’t work on commission, a good fit is our top priority.

We think it should be yours too.