Money: Ways to Stop Your Bad Davis Roommate From Destroying Your Credit

roommates in messy room

Davis roommates may sometimes have conflicts over money but when those conflicts have a chance of impacting your own credit rating, you need to be proactive. The Trulia blog has five tips that can help you from Bad Roommate Destroying Your Credit. Here are a few of our favorites:

2. Set the ground rules — fast

If you move in with a new roommate, make sure you set the rules regarding finances and shared expenses immediately. Be clear on who’s responsible for what, what costs you’ll split, and how you’ll pay bills.

It’s smart to go beyond financial issues such as rent and bills and establish a variety of ground rules such as overnight guests and noise limits. Reach an agreement on what’s OK and what’s not and then put it in writing.

3. Problems? Try communication first

If your roomie’s unpaid rent or bills are threatening your credit score, try talking it over as a first step. Have a conversation, remind them of your agreement, and explain the consequences of not paying rent or bills. In most cases, it impacts both their credit and yours, and you could face eviction if rent goes unpaid.

4. Consider your options

If the problems continue, it might be worth asking your roommate to leave or finding another living arrangement for yourself. And if the situation reaches a point where you can’t do anything else to change it, you can look into local eviction rules to see if they apply. Depending on the severity of your experience, you may also consider suing your roommate via small claims court.

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