10 DIY Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Davis Apartment Feel Huge

Getting the most out your Davis apartment often means being clever with your storage. The Huffington Post has compiled a great bit of inspiration for $30 or less, 10 DIY Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Apartment Feel Huge. Here are our favorites:

1. Repurpose A Shoe Organizer
2015-08-25-1440524367-9145661-overdoorshoeorganizerdiystorage.jpgCredit: Brit + Co

Raise your hand if you know what a shoe organizer is. Now use that same force to hang one on the inside of your bedroom door or closet door and you’ve got 20 convenient storage pockets. They’re big enough to toss in your hair dryer, curling iron, brush, makeup, hair spray, eyebrow pencils, and other small objects that you’d rather not step on.

2. Make Your Hats Float
Credit: The DIY Village

Balls are fun to throw and jump in. But they’re exponentially more fun when you use them to display your high school, college, and pro sports pride.

What you’ll need: wooden ball knobs, tacky glue, twine, and 3M Command strips.

What you won’t need: any guesswork because The DIY Village laid out these simple hat storage instructions for you.

4. Remember Everything
Credit: The Gloss

You don’t need studies to tell you that too much screen time can be bad for your health. (But if you do, here’s one study from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.) If you’re feeling like an insomniac because of all your late-night social media and Netflix binging, a digital detox might just be the remedy you need.

Make a cork board calendar so that you can store your concert tickets, bills, wedding RSVPs, and other important reminders in obvious, analog sight.

6. Help Your Bike Defy Gravity
Credit: Handarbeiden

Owning a bike is awesome, unless it eats half of the space in your apartment. Investing in bike storage is also awesome, unless it eats half of your paycheck. Good thing wood pallets exist and don’t mind being reused.

Nail a wood pallet into a wall, nail two hooks into the pallet, and the result is one of the cheapest bike storage solutions for tiny apartments that you’ll ever find.

How cheap?

Nearly free if you search Craigslist. Or you could ask an independent hardware, garden, or power equipment store owner if they have one to spare.

7. Bust Out Your LEGO Collection
Credit: Lifehacker

Who knew your favorite childhood toy could double as a versatile and cheap storage option for easy-to-misplace items?

The DIY masterminds at Lifehacker.

Use Sugru to stick a flat LEGO piece to any table. Then press your favorite character against that piece and attach a brick (preferably one with a whole in its side) to create a whimsical storage solution for your keys and cables that tend to disappear or tangle often.

10. Increase Your Closet Space By 6X
Credit: chwbcc via instructables

A huge closet is difficult to come by without shelling out some serious cash, especially for apartment dwellers who live in expensive cities like NYC. Show your landlord who the boss really is by using S hooks and utility chains to hang six times more shirtsthan you normally would. This leaves more space in your closet to store shoes, pants, skirts, jewelry, and other accessories. Or your newfound happiness that you just can’t contain.

Read more at the source: 10 DIY Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Apartment Feel Huge | MakeSpace