Apps to Help You Get Your New Apartment in Shape

App geeks, rejoice! There are several apps available to help Tandem residents set up their cozy nests. takes a look at some of them.

Frame Up

Frame Up is an iPad-only app, but the concept is simply ingenious! After taking a picture of their wall, users are able to use Frame Up to plan a wall art/photo arrangement. Remember, it’s always best to test first before taking hammers or any tools to the home. Free

Moving In? 7 Home Setup Apps

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer
Sun Seeker is an amazing tool for photographers, botanists, and home owners, providing information about where exactly the sun will be shining from with the aid of augmented reality. Using GPS location, users can see the sun’s trajectory throughout the day and plan accordingly. $7 – Also available for Android

BuildApp Pro

Creating a room layout for optimal position of furniture before the heavy lifting is always a good idea, both for sanity and your muscles’ sake. BuildApp Pro makes it easier for couples to communicate an ideal layout by creating a virtual 3D model of the apartment space and placing replica furniture. $6 – Equivalent for iO

Another opportunity offered during the process of moving into a new home is unpacking each individual item. This is the chance to finally log and gain a better understanding of how much and learning exactly what we own. Inventory acts as a handheld scanner and photo database (with built-in camera feature), offering a user particular fields to fill in details such as room, location, and volume for itemizing, an especially helpful tool for home insurance preparation. $1

For more smartphone apps that will ease the process of moving into a new Davis apartment, please click on the link above.