Easy Safety Tips to Make Your Home Burglar-Proof

Are you planning to go out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday? A lot of us are (and we’re leaving the cats in charge, heaven help us).

Davis is a very safe town generally, but there are a handful of opportunists who will happily rob a home that they believe is unoccupied. A few cheap and easy safety precautions from the City of Davis Police Department can go a long way.

Open/Unlocked Entry Points:
The most efficient way to avoid being burglarized is to remove the “easy opportunity”. Make sure all doors, sliders, garages, and side gates are closed and locked when not in use.

– Windows should be closed and locked regardless of if there is an outside window screen. Window screens can easily be removed or manipulated to get to an open or unlocked window. 
– Although locking windows will help prevent future victimization, using window “stops” (screw-in, PVC piping, or wooden dowels) in slider tracks should also be considered as an extra precaution against theft. 

– Illuminate entry ways and vulnerable areas at night by leaving a few outside lights on or installing motion sensor lights. 

Reporting Activity: 
– All suspicious activity and circumstances should be reported to the Davis Police Department as soon as they are observed. This includes any unusual late night or early morning activity such as loud banging noises, lights shining into bedrooms or windows, someone manipulating window screens, etc. 
– Dial 911 from a home phone or (530) 758-3600 from a cell phone to report any suspicious or criminal activity in progress. 

You can ask trusted friends and/or neighbors to keep an eye on things for you. The DPD will also schedule additional drive-bys if you tell them you are going out of town (you need to bring proof of your address and fill out a form at the station on 5th Street).

For more safety tips, please click on the link above.



Image credit: T. McCracken