Household Hacks: Apartment Furniture Layout Planner Apps

Whether you’re touring Davis, CA apartments, moving into one soon or just want to rearrange the furniture better, we’ve got the ultimate collection of apartment furniture layout planner apps. (You can find some of the older posts here and here.)

The app that has the biggest WOW factor is RoomScan which allows you to get a floor plan in minutes just by walking around the room. Check out the images from Gizmodo below. The rough plans are accurate within about half a foot. With the pro version you can manually input your own measurements and add features like doors and windows.

Morpholio Board Lets You Redecorate a Room Right From Your iPadAccording to Gizmodo, “Morpholio Board 1.0 was a powerful design app geared almost entirely for professionals. Board 2.0 is a digital sketchpad anyone can use to dabble in design, clipping images from anywhere on the web to create a customized rendering that’s smarter and more interactive than any sketchbook.”

Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog

See what the latest Ikea furniture would look like inside your current Davis apartment.

Do you wonder what that Ikea sofa will look like in your new Tandem apartment living room? Wonder no more, as the geeks at Ikea have come up with an awesome new way to drop their furniture in your home without you ever leaving home.

As the writers at recently wrote:

Ikea has developed a killer app for AR. After using any smartphone or tablet to scan select pages out of its 2014 catalog, you can place the catalog anywhere in your home to make it appear as if it’s an actual piece of furniture. Watch the video above to see what we mean.

In turn, the customer gets a much more accurate picture than pulling out a measuring tape and imagining. And Ikea actually transports its products into the customer’s home, associating a living room with its showroom through a sort of digital test drive. It’s a good idea that’s brilliantly executed.”

Finally, ApartmentTherapy has another great round up of Apartment Furniture Layout Planner Apps (see their picks below):