Keep Emergency Numbers Handy in Your Tandem Apt.

Emergencies can and do happen anywhere, even in your Tandem apartment in Davis. Seconds can matter, and even the most level-headed person might literally forget their own name when faced with a potential tragedy.

Head off danger at the pass, and keep a list of all pertinent information near the phone. Names, ages, medical conditions, medications, and contact numbers and addresses can alll come into play when someone’s life or well-being is on the line.

Although much of our organizational and logistical systems can be paperless these days, actual hard copies are necessary when it comes to emergency contact information and other important instructions or lists. This is especially important for those times when you — and your smart phone — are not around for the others at home to access this needed information. I am a list person. But I am also someone who doesn’t like visual clutter (no photos or magnets adorn my fridge). How do I keep contact information and other lists clearly displayed without sacrificing my love for clear, uncluttered surfaces?

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