The Few, the Lucky, Those Accepted to UC Davis

Welcome new UC Davis undergrads! We are happy to welcome you to town. You worked your tails off in high school and got accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in California. How hard was it? According to The California Aggie, this year:

55,877 freshman applications were received, with 13,765 transfer applicants.

Of this group, 22,008 applicants received acceptance letters, creating an admit rate of 39.4 percent. Of the applicants admitted, 5,065 are out-of-state residents and 16,943 are California residents

The enrollment goal is 5,100 freshmen.

The average GPA and SAT scores of the class of 2017 are higher than last year’s class. In 2012, the average total SAT score range was 1700 to 2100, and the average GPA range was 3.93 to 4.21.

Think those numbers are bad? can give you a little perspective with 2012 numbers:

Some of the most selective schools were Harvard University (5.79%) in Cambridge, MA, Stanford University (5.69%) in Palo Alto, CA, Yale University (6.72%) in New Haven, CT, and Columbia University (6.89%) in New York, NY.

In 2012, the University of California, Berkeley was the most selective public university in the U.S., admitting 21.13% of applicants. Previously, the title was held by University of California, Los Angeles, which in 2012 admitted 21.27%.

So welcome to college. Now get your noses back to the grindstone.