Make the Most of Marsala: Pantone’s Color of the Year

There have been years when we’ve been a bit nonplussed to say the least but for 2015 we reckon the color team at Pantone have excelled themselves. That’s because they’ve gone for Marsala as their top shade for decorators, artists – creatives of any kind, in fact. And we love it! Here are a few easy ways to introduce Marsala into your Davis apartment home.


Image via Tandem Properties

Buy a new blind. Or even make one yourself if you feel so inspired (check out nearby night classes or download an online tutorial). The classic Roman blind in Marsala in this pic works well against the white walls in the sitting room. And note the white sofa with Marsala cushion against the white sofa. There – you get two apartment decorating ideas right here.

Marsala blinds

Image via The Finishing Touch blog

Create some curtains. Or how about these amazingly luxurious silk curtains featured in Vogue magazine and outlined in the blog Remodelaholic? Again, you could run up your own bedroom set or buy the material and get them made for you:

Marsala curtains

And staying with Remodelaholic, doesn’t Marsala go beautifully with blue to create a calming, bohemian look?

Marsala sofa

Marsala has been described by the interior design blog Decor8 as “a dressed up version of terracotta and a less intense merlot” – which is a pretty perfect description, we reckon. The shade certainly isn’t as ‘autumnal’ as burgundy nor does it depict summer like dark orange would.

So… which season does it fit into? Well, it really depends on what you pair it with. Match a Marsala bedspread with some white linen sheets, for instance, and the room will feel bright and airy. Team up that same Marsala bedspread with turquoise sheets and you’re in a whole different environment – one that’s much cosier for a start. And talking of which…

Try out a rich-coloured table cloth. Ok, your dining room/kitchen won’t hold a table this size. But you get the idea… Meanwhile, don’t know about you, but we feel there is definitely a touch of the Spanish or Turkish feel to the shade too:

table cloth in Marsala

Image by Ian Martin on Flirty Fleurs

Colours Marsala really seems to go well with are gray, teal, turquoise, gold, yellow and warm taupes.

Top up on towels. Meanwhile, a great way to bring Marsala into your bathroom is to invest in some new towels (the fluffier the better, obviously):

Marsala towels

Image via

You could also add similar accents such as a Marsala shaded soap dish, toothpaste holder, toilet roll holder, bath mat, etc.

Pile on some plates. Looking to introduce Marsala into your hallway? Apart from placing a large bunch of those wonderful blood red roses you get in late summer, you could also invest in some smart decorative dishes to sit on your console and wow visitors. Exactly like these for instance:

 Decorative dishes in Marsala

Image via

Or… now we’re guessing this antique Persian rug will pretty much be out of your price range (most folks purses, in fact) but you get the idea…

Marsala rug

Image via

So there you have it – lots of fab ideas to make Marsala work for your home. And the best bit is, none of them are going to break the bank (especially if you can make the blinds/curtains yourself or persuade a seamstress friend).

Have you tried experimenting with Marsala yet? If so, we’d love to see the results here at RENTCafé.com.