Maximize Work Efficiency in Your Davis Apartment

Chances are, your Davis apartment isn’t overflowing with free space. You’ve got a lot of work to do, and not a lot of square footage to do it in. Here are some ideas to make the most out of your home or office work area.


So you’ve gone through our home office upgrade checklist and you’re left wondering what more you can do to maximize your workspace. Now you’ve got the foundation all set for a comfortable and well equipped home office, it might be time to focus on the more techy side, so here are six devices you may have long ignored which can result in big boosts in productivity and or reliability once updated…

Get A Bigger/Second Monitor
With a bigger monitor and higher resolution you can fit more on your screen and get more work done. Even better, treat yourself to dual monitors and get even more work done with multiple windows open and managed properly without having to tab and move things around. Go the distance and get a proper mount to hold all these bad boys together and help minimize the clutter you just added to your desk with all those massive monitors.
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Go Wireless with your Keyboard & Mouse
If you haven’t already, you’ll thoroughly love the freedom of a wireless mouse. It’s not just the freedom of movement but also clearing up the clutter of wires on and around your desk. Just don’t forget to charge them once in a while as they tend to always go dead at a crucial moment.
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