MOVING IN: Cool Online Apartment Planner

It’s a horrible moment when you’ve got all your stuff in your new apartment only to discover that the furniture layout you had in your head has had a nasty collision with reality. Before you load up the moving truck (or spend too much on that brand new big couch), check out this useful online room planner.

‘The Make Room Planner’ Webapp Simplifies Room Layout Design

According to Lifehacker:

Rather than moving items around your home to see what fits where you can use free webapp The Make Room from Urban Barn to layout hundreds of pieces of furniture, rugs, and other items…

The software is created by Icovia and is licensed out to many furniture stores such as Thomasville, Ashley, and Furniture Find but the Urban Barn implementation of their 2-d room planning software seems to have the most features and least hassle.

All in all it’s a pretty easy to use and feature-filled way to virtually setup any room in your home or office.

To go right to the Icovia room planning web site, click here.