MOVING IN: New place, new nickname?

How to Get the Nickname You Want

Moving to a new college or town is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. If you’ve always wanted a nickname but never got one, now is the chance. Sparknotes offers tips on How to Get the Nickname You Want. Tips include:

Be Realistic. Pick a nickname that fits. Most people lack the clarity of mind to come up with a nickname for themselves that is both catchy and true to their personhood. We only know one person who gave himself a nickname, and his name is Mad Dog. Yes—Mad Dog. But here’s the beauty: people actually call him that. Oddly enough, he makes sense as Mad Dog. Be honest and self evaluate: does your nickname reflect you? Also, don’t expect people to call you something lengthy and complicated; keep it simple. If people want to refer to you, they aren’t going to repeat a whole phrase, unless you’re He Who Should Not Be Named, but you don’t want to know what he went through to earn that one.

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