Packing Your Tandem Apartment Bathroom

Packing up and moving is always a giant pain in the patooty. By the time you get to the bathroom, the temptation is strong simply to sweep everything en masse into a big box and figure out the mess later. But by doing a little planning on this end, we guarantee you’ll be able to find your toothbrush on your first night in your new Tandem apartment in Davis.

Packing Your Apartment Bathroom

Toss the old stuff
Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is home to more perishable items than anywhere else in an apartment. Streamline your bath products for your move, taking only the products that you use the most.

Most creams and lotions have a shelf life of only about six months to a year. Beyond that time, their strength and chemical compositions change, especially for items like wrinkle creams and sunscreens. Before you pack to move, throw out all expired creams, lotions and shampoos and any old (or rusty) tweezers, clippers, razors and shavers. Also, remove all expired medicines and any half-used, forgotten products that have been gathering dust. If you haven’t finished them off by now, there’s no reason to take them with you.

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