Roommate Survival Tips

Some of our Tandem residents are moving into apartments for the first time this summer and have taken advantage of Tandem’s roommate-matching program. Or maybe you’re adjusting to a new roommate, playing musical temporary roommates due to out-of-town commitments and sub-leases, etc. If you’re feeling a little nervous about sharing living space with someone new, here is a list of roommate how-tos from For more tips, please click on the link.

Useful Apartment Roommate How-Tos

  1. How to handle common roommate problems. When you choose to share an apartment with another person, there’s a chance that a conflict may arise. Whether a conflict has to do with finances or personalities, it can grow serious enough to make your apartment living unpleasant. Even worse, if a roommate conflict doesn’t get resolved, it could put your living arrangement at risk. Get some tips for handling issues that arise between apartment roommate by learning about “How to Handle Common Roommate Problems.”
  2. How to overcome common apartment roommate fears. Many people who start to look for a roommate also begin to feel afraid that they’ll end up with someone who’s incompatible or problematic. Fortunately, although a good roommate relationship can’t be guaranteed, there are steps you can take that will increase the likelihood you’ll be able to enjoy a positive experience with your roommate. Put the odds in your favor by checking out “Overcoming Apartment Fears – Afraid You’ll Wind Up With a Bad Roommate?
  3. How to decide if living with a roommate is the best bet for you. There’s no general correct answer to the question of whether living with a roommate is the best way to go. For each apartment hunter, this is a personal decision, and your answer should depend on what you want at the time you’re looking to rent. Consider the common reasons why people choose one route over the other by reading “How to Decide Whether You Should Live With Roommates or Live Alone.”
  4. How to communicate effectively with your roommates. Good communication is an essential ingredient for a positive roommate relationship. Many common roommate problems arise because roommates don’t express their needs or make assumptions about the other person’s preferences when it comes to particular aspects of apartment living. Also, when a conflict arises, too often it doesn’t get resolved because roommates don’t attempt to understand each other. Fortunately, you can help ensure a good relationship with your roommate by following some “Tips for Communicating Effective With Your Roommates.”
  5. How to avoid problems by using a written roommate agreement. Roommate problems often arise when roommates forget what they agreed on regarding the rent or another aspect of apartment living. The best way to avoid such problems is to avoid the temptation of a “figure things out as you go” strategy. Instead, take the time to think about and agree on issues with your roommate before you sign a lease. Learn about two steps to follow so you can “Avoid Roommate Problems Using Written Roommate Agreements.
  6. How to keep politics out of your roommate relationship. If you don’t share the same political views with your roommate, it could lead to strife. But there’s no reason people of different — even opposite — political persuasions can’t live together. Once you’ve found the right roommate, there’s no good reason why politics should interfere with a great roommate experience. Learn how to make it work by checking out “Don’t Let Politics Interfere With a Great Roommate Experience.”


Image credit: Nick Galifianakis