Roommates: How To Plan Your Davis Apartment To Achieve Roommate Nirvana

If you’ve moved into your Davis apartment and haven’t figured out the based way to achieve roommate nirvana, the Huffington Post has a few decorating tips on How to Make Living With a Roommate Work. Here  are a few of our favorites:

Create zones. In an age of open-plan living, it may not be immediately obvious how to accommodate a new person with their own timetable and social life. Clever zoning is key. Consider how you could rearrange your communal space so it will comfortably accommodate multiple activities and inhabitants working, resting, eating or cooking in harmony.

Look out for small-scale furniture if space is tight — lots of brands now have a dedicated range of compact or flexible pieces. And shop creatively — a small round metal garden table can easily double as an affordable dining or laptop spot for one. Comfy armchairs are good, too, since you may not always feel like sharing the sofa.

contemporary-living-roomBoost living room storage.
With that spare room full of your stuff gone, you’ll need to create additional storage in the rest of your home. High-level floating shelving that stretches from wall to wall looks great — painted the same color as the walls, it creates an architectural detail. And it can stash heaps of books, magazine holders and good-looking storage boxes without compromising space.

Create the ultimate bedroom. If communal space is very limited, it could be worth moving out of the best room in the house and turning it into a luxurious, multi-use space for your housemate. Make it somewhere he or she will want to hang out. Consider how you could incorporate a TV (in the end of the bed, as here?), a desk, a lounging area and even an en-suite or kitchenette.

Streamline your social lives. You’re planning a big dinner party while, unknown to you, your housemate has pencilled in a romantic night at home with his or her partner. Such clashes can cause unnecessary discord. A stylish wall planner or blackboard will help everyone create the space to do their own thing.