Sorting the Stuff in Your Tandem Apartment

If you feel overwhelmed (or just whelmed) by the stuff in your Davis apartment, it may be time to do a little paring down. If you’re loathe to wean yourself from the clothes you haven’t worn in a while, the outmoded electronics, etc., then you may want to consider throwing some things into storage for a while to ease the parting.

Deciding What to Keep In Your Apartment (and What to Put into Storage)

Divide and conquer
You may have inherited a family member’s items and just aren’t ready to integrate them into your apartment. Or perhaps an impending move, career change, or renovation leaves you with too many things for the room you have available. Now is the time to declutter, make room and decide what to keep and what to put into storage. Begin your storage planning by deciding what to throw away. After all, there is little point in storing items you reasonably consider you will never use again.

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