Stress-Free Moving Day Checklist

Whether you’re going across the street or overseas, moving is stressful. Some of our Tandem residents will be graduating from UC Davis and moving on with their new lives and careers, and we wish them all the best. To make your moving day a little easier, we offer you this moving day checklist from

14 Point Moving Day Checklist

Pink carpet rolling

  1. Is everything packed?  Did I remember the storage spaces and kitchen equipment shared with roommates?
  2. Is there anything I need to give away or return before the move? (Think: cable box, etc).
  3. Did I number my boxes and know how many I’m moving?
  4. Do I have keys to the new place?  If not, where am I getting them from?
  5. Do I know what time the movers (or helpful friends) are arriving?
  6. Am I wearing sneakers?  Toes will inevitably get smashed in sandals…
  7. Do I have cash?  (Always important for unexpected expenses).
  8. Am I planning to move all my belongings in one trip?
  9. Is there parking in front of my new building?
  10. If I’m moving in with roommates will they arrive at the same time? Staggering even by an hour or so can really help with door space…
  11. Does the building have a cargo/service elevator that needs to be reserved?
  12. Will I have any furniture delivered during moving day?
  13. Do I need help assembling the furniture?  (If you have any doubts, the answer to this is always yes.)
  14. Am I planning to sleep in the new place for the first night? Arrange a back-up, just in case you can’t turn on the heat or A/C or close a window.