Davis Apartment Furniture Checklist

When you move into a new Tandem apartment in Davis, you may be tempted to go to Ikea or World Market and buy everything nifty in sight, whether you have the space for it or not. Or you may be on a budget and wondering what pieces you really need and what you can live without. We have a room by room inventory of what would fit nicely into each space. Whether your decorating style leans toward Louis XIV or your Uncle Louis’s basement is up to you.

Assemble an Apartment Furniture ChecklistWhether you’re moving into an apartment that is new to you or revamping your current one, you’ll collect just the right pieces if you carefully consider what you really need before choosing your furniture. We have created a furniture checklist to make your decorating job easier.The bedroom
Of course this room would be nothing without its namesake, but there are a few additional pieces you might add, as well.

  • Bed — You can go as basic as a futon or as big as a sleigh bed. Choose the mattress and frame combination that works best for the space you have, for your style, and for your comfort preference.
  • Nightstand — There’s nothing like reading or having coffee in bed. A nightstand lets you store night-time necessities as well as providing a place for your alarm clock to sit.
  • Dresser — Choose a piece that is roomy enough to hold your folded clothing, yet looks good enough to be one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning.

For more tips and advice on furnishing your Tandem apartment in Davis, please visit the link at movingtoday.com.