UC Davis Roommates: Living with a Stranger Roommate vs. BFF Roommate

It’s so tempting. You and your bestie are both going off to UC Davis together and you want to live together like sisters and be joined at the hip, and share clothes, and party together, etc. But being friends with someone is very different from living with them. If one or both of you go into the roommate situation with more assumptions than ground rules, it will end in tears.

Whether you share digs with a bff or a stranger, there is some groundwork to lay before the lease is signed and the boxes are unpacked. Take the time to discuss these questions (and any others that might touch your lives) openly and honestly, keeping in mind that situations and people grow and change and life is dynamic.

    • Guests: Are there certain nights during the week that you would prefer not to have people over? How do you or your roommate feel about people spending the night?
    • Schedules: Do you need to be out of the house at a certain time and therefore need the shower in the morning? Are there times when you need to use one of the common spaces (living room, kitchen, etc).
    • Parties:  At your place, or go somewhere else? Can the party come back to your apartment?
    • Chores: How are you splitting them up?
    • Common Space: How would you both like to keep this kept up? You room is your room, but the space you share is the responsibility of you both.
    • Hanging out with each other or not: This one might come a little more naturally in some situations, but letting your roommate know whether or not you want to be included in their activities is important. You don’t want to feel left out or obligated.

There’s something to be said for living with a non-bff. If you argue about dishes or overnight guests it won’t take a toll on a longtime friendship. You’ll still have your bff to kvetch to and go shopping with. Food for thought.

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