Unpack Your Tandem Apartment

While you may have packed in a hurry, throwing things in boxes in random order, there is an art and a science to unpacking at your new Tandem apartment in Davis. Should you get your kitchen into order first, or your bathroom? Bedroom or office? With so much to do and so many priorities, you need a plan.

If there is a stage of the moving process I dislike the least, it is probably unpacking. I’m not suggesting I enjoy it, because I certainly do not — I garner about as much enjoyment from unpacking a house as I do from getting a cavity filled at the dentist. However, compared to packing and carrying boxes, the unpacking stage of the moving process is the bee’s knees (and since bees have six legs with multiple joints in each leg, I guess that is worth something).

If a new place wasn’t cleaned before the previous residents moved, I start the unpacking process by having professional cleaners come in and give the place a good scrubbing. No one wants dust and grime under their belongings in closets, on shelves, and on the floor.

After the cleaning crew is gone, I unpack supplies and rooms in this order:

For more tips on unpacking your Tandem apartment in Davis, please visit this link at unclutterer.com.