MOVING OUT: Making a plan

UC Davis students who are moving out, College Fashion offers 5 Steps to a Stress-Free Move Out.  Their great advice includes:

3. Make a plan.

Make A Plan
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I made the mistake of trying to pack everything at once, which didn’t make the process any easier (and created a horribly messy room!). Planning to pack certain parts of your room every day will help you stay organized, and will make it easier to unpack the boxes later on!

  • Tackle the easy-to-pack items first, like wall decorations, Christmas lights, and anything on the outside of your door (i.e. whiteboards).
  • Then, re-box electronics and appliances like your printer, music speakers, and/or computer, if you plan to keep those in storage.
  • Wash your dishes, put them in their original boxes (or similar-sized boxes stuffed with cushioning material), and store them near the top in your larger boxes.
  • Go through your textbooks, and figure out if you want to sell them back or keep them. Try to avoid packing books in larger boxes, they can get ridiculously heavy and make the boxes difficult to lift. Smaller boxes are best for books.

Check out all five steps here.