Davis roommate drama #2: Creating a roommate agreement

Most Davis roommate drama issues center around failures of communication, specifically a failure to set expectations on how you and your Davis roommates will be sharing your Davis apartment.  This is especially true for many UC Davis students who are living off the UC Davis campus for the first time.

StudentAdvisor.com has a few suggestions on how you can create your Davis roommate agreement:

1.  Discuss finances and shared expenses

Paying rent is all well and good when everyone pays on time but one person’s idea of time maybe the day the rent is due and yet the other person may think 10 days later qualifies as rent payment full filled.  Who pays for shared expenses like utilities, groceries, and renter’s insurance to name a few best to make those decisions upfront.

2.  Decide on the living space arrangement.

There is usually always a master bedroom. How do you choose who gets it or the only garage parking space? Does one person pay more for the bigger or better space or do you flip a coin? Good idea to discuss this before the movers show up with your queen size bed to find out you lose the coin flip and get the smaller bedroom.

3.  Assign household responsibilities.

Physical house cleaning, grocery shopping laundry…shared or split or? Nothing is more irritating than to come home and find your favorite food gone from the refrigerator or the shared bathroom once again has your roommate’s toothpaste all over the sink.. Yuck!

To read the full roommate agreement list, click here.

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