Davis Roommate Drama #3: Splitting Expenses With 3 Roommates in 2 rooms

They say that couples most often argue about money. The same goes for Davis roommates. While you have found the the perfect Davis apartment to share, how you split the expenses of a two bedroom apartment with three people doesn’t require a UC Davis math major.

ApartmentRatings.com has some simple suggestions for how to split a two bedroom with three people including.

Base It on the Bathrooms

If two of the three roommates are sharing a bathroom, the individual with a private bathroom should pay a larger share of the living expenses. Usually, a private bathroom is worth $50 to $100 more a month, depending on the size of the bathroom. Note, however, that this solution might not work if the third occupant has a private bathroom, but the other two roommates occupy large bedrooms or have a more luxurious bathroom.

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