How can you find your Davis roommate?

At Tandem Properties, we have the Davis roommate matching program specifically designed to find you the perfect Davis roommate. But if you choose another Davis apartment outside of Tandem, what are your options for finding a Davis roommate? has a few suggestions:

1. Social Groups and Organizations Bulletin Boards

If you’re currently employed, try to post an ad on a bulletin board in your office. You could also speak to the Human Resources department to find out if there are any new employees on the lookout for accommodation. Of course this method works well when it comes to any social organizations you go to that has a bulletin board.

2. An ad in the Newspaper

By placing an ad in the newspaper you can reach out to a lot of people at the same time. Make sure your ad is precise. If you’re specifically looking for a male roommate who is a non-smoker, mention it in the ad so that the right people approach you.

3. Using the Internet

You could either post an ad on or any apartment rental websites to look for a roommate. If you are a student, you could also try to post an ad on your online newsletter or college bulletin board.

4. Friends and Family

This is the easiest way to find a roommate. Simply pass the word around to your friends and relatives. You may be surprised with the number of calls you get.

Although we are obviously biased, we think Tandem’s Davis roommate matching program is the best in roommate matching program in Davis but you can try your luck with these other approaches.