It's not just you. Yes, the Davis apartment market is the fastest it has ever been.

IMG_8023The race to get your Davis apartment keys has already started!

The Davis apartment rush has never been this crazy. The sky-high demand for Davis apartments has people rushing to sign leases nine months in advance. It is mid-February and some of Tandem’s Davis apartment communities are already sold out. Tandem Properties is starting waiting lists for some of our most desired Davis apartment floor plans.

This year the closing speed of the greater Sacramento apartment market has accelerated by over 12% over last year. In Davis, with the influx of even more students enrolling in UC Davis, the speed of the apartment market is much faster than that.

You need to search, tour and sign, like now.

Here are a bunch of blog posts to help you make sure you get the Davis apartment you want before they all sell out:

How to search for your Davis apartment.

How to find the perfect Davis roommate. 

Happy Davis apartment hunting!