Roommates: 8 Ways to Have the Best Davis Roommate Experience this Year

Davis apartment living is a lot of fun especially if you have a roommate to help share the expenses as well as the experiences. Sometimes your Davis roommate is your bestie and other times you were sort of thrown in together and have to make the best of it. has 8 Ways to Have the Best Roommate Experience this Year. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.     Don’t be their shadow: The biggest mistake that anyone can make is being too attached to their roommate. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you grow to love and enjoy spending time with this person who sleeps inches away from you, however don’t suffocate them. Join your own activities and strive after your own interests. If you’re not together 24-7 don’t fret.

2.     Grant them their space when they are in need of it: Everyone needs their designated alone time. If someone is taking a nap or explicitly pleads for space, respect their wishes. Just because they desire to be isolated from you for a short time doesn’t mean they are angry with you, it simply means that they wish to indulge themselves in their own thoughts for the time being.

5.     Sharing clothes: If you’re a college girl you most likely wear your roommate’s clothes just as often as you wear your own. Some people are more open to lending out clothes than others, therefore, don’t just assume that you are entitled to their peplum top or cardigan sweaters…be considerate and ask! Remember that its a two way street, if you borrow something of theirs you have to be willing to open your closet to them. If you decide to share clothes with your roommates don’t be hesitant to make a few items off limits. If you don’t want them to blemish your new vans or accidentally rip that lace dress you cherish with your whole heart, say something! I promise you they will completely understand.

6.     Make an effort: Living with a roommate who you just met can be awkward, but what really makes it awkward is if you refuse to engage in conversation with them. Talk to your roommate, even if you don’t become best friends at least you can come home at night and talk about your day with someone.


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