Roommates: How To Be Roommates With a Best Friend & Survive (With Friendship Intact)

warbach7Being a great Davis roommate can be difficult for even two practically perfect people. Apartment Therapy tells you How To Be Roommates With a Best Friend & Survive (With Friendship Intact). Here are our favorite tips:

3. Cultivate the friendship, too

Don’t forget that you’re friends first. It’s not that this isn’t an important step for people who started out as roommates and then began a friendship, it’s just that you don’t want a friendship devolving into only a roommate situation. So make sure that between sharing chores you also schedule in plenty of the things you used to do when you didn’t live together to keep stoking that sweet friendship fire.

4. Forget the passive-aggressive notes

Why it seems like we can talk about everything with our best friend except the fact that it’s really bugging us when they forget to take out the trash is a bit of a mystery. But it’s something that happens to besties who share a home a lot. As uncomfortable as it might be — no one prefers talking chores over fun, best friend conversations — it’s important to bring up issues in person, and not leave passive-aggressive notes around the apartment.

5. Schedule regular check-ins (and perhaps a Festivus-style airing of grievances)

Don’t wait until it’s time to renew a lease to check-in with your bestie to see how the living situation is going (particularly if you’re living with a quiet friend who doesn’t love confrontation). Having a designated day where each person can calmly discuss any issues that are really bugging them can be easier to stomach and can keep a friendship on track while sharing a living space.

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