Tech Tuesday: Take a Roommate Quiz to See If You're a Good Fit

Trulia Buyers Diggs Personality TestChoosing who will become your roommate in your Davis apartment will have a big impact on your happiness.  The folks at Trulia have developed an online quiz that you and your potential Davis roommates can take to see if you’re a good fit.

We’ve written a lot in the past about how to handle Davis roommate issues, including 6 questions to ask before you become roommates, how to split Davis roommate expenses, how to handle roommate drama, how to create a roommate communications center and how to forge a roommate agreement.

If you want Tandem’s help finding your Davis roommate for fall, please check out our fall Davis roommate availabilities and we’ll hook you up. 

Or you can just simply take The Onion’s approach (below):

Take Trulia’s Roommate Quiz Now.