Success: 5 Ways to Have a Happier and More Successful Semester

Because most of Tandem’s apartments are near the UC Davis campus, many of our Davis apartment residents are UC Davis students. If you’re beginning your semester at UC Davis, College Fashion has 5 Ways to Have a Happier and More Successful Semester. Here’s one of our favorites:

4. Light Up the Room

Well lit room
Photo Credit: ELLE

“No, literally, light up your room! Better lighting is the key to better progress, according to several lighting experts. While I know how tempting it is to shut your blinds and watch Netflix in bed, many of my friends forget to turn the lights back on. I actually have a few friends who say they prefer the dark ambiance that a room lit by a single lamp gives.

However, this can be counter-intuitive to your work. Dark rooms are more likely to make you sleepy and depressed, and can cause unnecessary headaches and strain. Rooms lit by natural light will provide more vitamin D  (which helps strengthen your immune system). So rather than work in the shadows, try to open your windows to allow for natural light when you study.

If natural light is too big a step for you, install a good desk lamp or simply turn on the main lights in your house. You’ll avoid the eyestrain and headaches accompanied by being in the dark.”

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