Disney Princesses Hit the Books

Ever wonder how those Disney girls would hold up in the real world? How about in college? HerCampus.com has taken an amusing look at Walt’s girls and how they would fare on a university campus.

Snow White: The Fraternity Sweetheart

“I don’t hang out with girls. I just can’t handle the drama. I get along with guys soooo much better.” Sound familiar? That’s Snow White. She spends most of her time hanging out at a frat house with her seven best guy friends. Unfortunately, all that socializing is taking a toll. She doesn’t always have time to study—even though she’s a nutrition major, she wound up with food poisoning recently when she bit into a bad apple.

Cinderella: The Girl Next Door

Cindy’s roommates never do quite their fair share of the cleaning, so she’s usually stuck doing dishes and taking out the trash for everyone. On top of her extra cleaning duties, Cinderella also works hard in school (she’s a veterinary science major—she’s always loved animals, like mice!) and juggles a work-study job to cope with those impending student loans. Style isn’t her number one priority in her day-to-day life, so she shocked everyone at spring formal when she looked red carpet-worthy sporting a gorgeous dress and flawless hair and makeup. A few too many drinks later, she left the formal with her heels in hand… and dropped one on the way out.

Belle: The Straight-A Student

Belle is a whip smart English major who makes the Dean’s List every semester. She can typically be found with her nose buried deep into a book. All of her professors love her (she’s the one who actually goes to office hours every week). Belle used to be uninterested in dating; she kept pushing away guys who hit on her at parties. But then she met her current boyfriend—who could use a shave and a haircut, if we’re going to be honest—and now she spends all her free time with him and his pet fish, Lumiere and Cogsworth, in his off-campus apartment.

Is your favorite childhood princess missing from this list? There are more at the link above.