Tech Tuesday: Evernote Power Tips for Students

Happy Tech Tuesday! We’re big fans of Evernote. This free software (Win,Mac, IOS, Android) also you to save and tag every thing you want to remember later (business  cards, web research, drawings, photos that you can annotate, lecture audio or video recordings synced up to handwritten or typed notes, etc.). You save an article or a photo on one device (say your iPhone) and you can instantly access it on your Windows desktop or your Kindle Fire.

If you want to clear your Davis, CA apartment from a lot of clutter, we’ve written about how to use it to go paperless here and here.

Many UC Davis students living in our Davis apartments use Evernote to help them in their studies. The company has provided 10  Evernote power tips just for students. Here are  a few of our favorites:

4. Keep Everything Together, Not Just the Digital Stuff
Maybe you would rather take notes by hand. Or you have a professor with a “no technology policy.” That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep everything organized. Scan your handwritten notes and handouts into Evernote and they will be completely searchable. This way, when finals come around, you’ll be one step ahead.

5. Work Together Even If You’re Apart
One of the most stressful parts of group projects is finding a time everyone can get together. Rather than rearranging everyone’s schedules, use a Shared Notebook to keep everything up to date. You can also use a shared notebook with your study group. Make a study guide that the group can access and add to.

You can also get some supplemental apps that really help students leverage the power of Evernote. Here are two that we’ve found very useful.

Writing a research paper can be interesting until you have to deal with the tedious challenge of citing references. ReferenceME automates it. Scan barcodes, input ISBN numbers and websites, and ReferenceME will compile the details you need in a variety of referencing styles including Harvard and APA, then save to Evernote for safe keeping.
Many students already use Evernote to save notes and share them with classmates. Add LiveMinutes and you can edit a note together in real-time. Create a common work space and pull in related Evernote notes. Edit together while you discuss on a conference call or chat, then everything saves back in Evernote. Edits made in Evernote will also appear in LiveMinutes.


Finally for those of you with iPads with smart covers, check out Evernote Peek, best flash cards ever.