Fit in a Dining Room Anywhere

We love elegant solutions to spatial problems (and no geometry, we’re not looking at you!). has some spiffy answers to the age-old question, “Where do I eat?”

Whenever we ask readers why they don’t entertain more often, lack of space inevitably crops up as a recurring reason. Although space can definitely limit the types of parties you host (it might not be a great idea to have a kegger in your studio apartment), it shouldn’t keep you from inviting smaller groups of friends over for a dinner party. Here are five ways to make room for a dining table, even if you live in a few hundred square feet.

1. Try a round table: A compact round table usually seats more people than a rectangular one, and it can fit into tight corners. Kens’ table (shown in the first photo above) is an extra-space-saving vintage Danish modern Hans Olsen dining set.

2. Make a surface do double duty: Fold two (or three) spaces into one — a bar countertop can easily double as a dining table.

4. Mount your dining room table: Angela and Tania created a “murphy table” that folds flat against the wall shelving when not in use.

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