Why Investing in a Minor Now Will Pay off Later

To minor, or not to minor. That is the question.

Actually, it’s probably only one of a million questions swirling through your brain right now. But it’s the one we’re covering today.

There are a lot of selfish reasons to earn a minor or two. Here are some reasons from HackCollege.com why it’s worth it. For more information, please click on the link above.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Minor in College

Get Your Money’s Worth

College is expensive.  Even if you are covered by grants and scholarships, you are still spending a lot time and effort, if not at least some money, on your education.  If you’re going to take that time and spend that money, why not make the most of it?

Hopefully all of you Physics majors can get a job in the sciences, but if not, you’re going to want a backup plan, such as expertise in business or writing.

Increase Your Employment Chances

When you have that expertise in not just the hard sciences, but in other areas (or in any other combination), you are undoubtedly going to look more appealing to an employer than someone who just took classes in one discipline.  You’ll get some rounding in your general education classes, but a minor boosts that and makes a particular area even stronger.

Show employers that you are willing to take the extra initiative to learn more by taking on a bit of extra work while you’re still in college.

Less Time, Less Effort

I’ve already mentioned how adding a minor will make you look more appealing to an employer by having that extra knowledge that not all candidates have.  Adding a minor to complement your major can give you a basic understanding of that subject in less time than adding a second major or going back for a second degree.

 You won’t get as much information, but you can certainly get enough to grasp the concepts and take something out of the program by the time you are done.

Complement Your Major with the Right Combo

It’s a lot like going to McDonald’s and ordering a combo.  A burger and fries perfectly complement each other for a nice meal.  The same is true about certain major/minor combos.  Of course, it would be impossible for me to list out every single combination because there really is no wrong pairing as long as it can help you with what you want to do in life.  Here are, however, a few minors that can help almost any major:

  • Business – It may be called different names, like Business Administration or management,  but the basics are still there.  No matter where you work or what field you go into, you will be working for some sort of company.  Knowing how that company works and understanding the bureaucracy of it will be helpful to you at some point.

  • Communications – I could be a tad biased as a communications major, but I will defend the benefits of at least a communications minor to anyone.  It isn’t all common sense, and it is so much more than just “talking to people” like the stereotype suggests.  If you’re interested in understanding how people think and why we say the things we do, minor in communications.

  • Foreign Language – This won’t be easy, but if you can add a foreign language that you can at least be semi fluent in, your employment prospects go way up.  Spanish/English speakers are in high demand right now and any profession that requires travel will benefit from knowing the language of a particular country.

  • Psychology – This goes along with communication but works with the mind and how people think instead of how we communicate.  It still helps you when working with people – which you will never fully avoid – and can be beneficial to any career.

Those are only four minors, and there are countless others that you can choose from,  including those that fit your major better.  Regardless of what you choose, I hope you will at least choose one and take the time to add to your knowledge and expertise now while it’s available to you.  You won’t regret it.